Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Reminders

Each season I mail out a reminder check list of home maintenance items to my friends, clients and neighbors.  The following are some hints for maintaining your home during fall season.  It is important that during this season you prepare your home for the upcoming winter.  You may want to consider installing additional insulation, using weather stripping, and caulking.

  1. Have furnace serviced by a qualified contractor.
  2. Change furnace filter(s).
  3. Replace central humidifier pad.
  4. Close crawl space vents.
  5. Check fireplace flue for creosote build-up and check damper for operation.
  6. Check roof for damage, loose or missing shingles.  Checking flashing areas as well.
  7. Clean gutters as needed.
  8. Install or lower all storm windows.
  9. Shut off water to outside faucets and disconnect all garden hoses.
  10. Insulate any plumbing located in garage or other areas subject to freezing.
  11. A third application of fertilizer for your lawn should follow in mid-October.
  12. Empty or let gasoline tank on your lawnmower run dry before winter storage.
  13. Take a careful look at the exterior of your house to see that it is properly protected from the elements.
  14. If your family room does not seem large enough for your family and friends to watch the games on TV this fall, call me to assist you in finding you another home.

If you take time to maintain your investment, your investment will take care of you!
Call me for any real estate questions.

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